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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  March 31, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the new video showing possible police misconduct.. what d a judge to throw a drug case out. san francisco's police chief on the defense. the new video showing possible police misconduct and what convinced a judge to throw out a drug case. right now in libya, nato has taken control of air operations there. new information on how the cia has been helping the u.s. mission. good morning, it is thursday, the 31st day of march, last day of march, i'm sydnie kohara. >> true! hard to believe. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 4:30. it is thursday. it is opening day for a lot of baseball teams including our giants. and well -- what do you think? >> yeah! baseball season! >> we could be getting ready
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to go to the game instead of sitting here. >> some parts of the country are worried about snow but we got the sunshine, some record- breaking heat showing up around the bay area yesterday. we're going to top that again today. if we hit all these temperatures right here, these are all be records. about 84 in san francisco. 84 in oakland. 85 in san jose. a fantastic day ahead. elizabeth has traffic. >> thank you, lawrence. it was hot yesterday, in san francisco. roadwork, new roadwork in livermore. eastbound five five between 580, no delay right now in your westbound 580 commute direction. looks great towards pleasanton in fact we have no big hot spots, no major accidents out there now, which is a nice change of pace from the last
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couple of mornings. quiet heading into san francisco. thank you. 4:31 now. today nato took over sole control over libya. they are calling it operation unified protectorate including enforcing the no-fly zone. secretary of state hillary clinton says there is no decision on whether to arm libyan rebels but the head of nato says that's not allowed under the u.n. mandate on libya. the cia is reported to be on the ground in libya now. a small team of operatives apparently going in earlier this month and they helped rescue an american crew member after an f-15 fighter jet crashed. the "new york times" reports the cia is also helping direct air strikes. as for arming the rebels, it's something that is being considered by the u.s., britain and france. >> it may not have to be the united states. there is good reason to think that some european special forces could do comparably well. >> anti-government rebels in libya are asking for more help
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from international forces. moammar qaddafi's ground forces are gaining ground against them. in japan today it's believed that hundreds of bodies could still be buried in the evacuation zone around a crippled nuclear power plant. police in radiation suits have pulled 19 bodies from the rubble so far. but the radiation leak is severely hampering post- earthquake and tsunami recovery work. the sign that the crisis is impacting u.s. food, a low level of radiation has been detected in milk samples in washington state but the feds say it is 5,000 times below the food and drug administration's risk level. it is 4:33. we're following a developing story from newark, where police have been searching overnight for an at risk missing teenager. 14-year-old kenneth stephen son usually goes by the name of kenny. he is diagnosed with a form of
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autism. he got into an argument with his mother. he doesn't have a history running away. he was seen last night in the area of pioneer school. more surveillance video of san francisco has led to another criminal case being dismissed. anne makovec is in san francisco with more on that story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are waiting for the police chief here in san francisco to speak out about this case. we have heard that he is expected to do so this morning. but this video that you mentioned, one of several pieces of video we have seen be released recently by a prominent local defense attorney. here is that video. a san francisco judge tossed out a felony drug case after seeing this footage from security cameras at a local apartment building. these are officers in the garage and hallway when they allegedly went into an apartment without consent or a search warrant. the video shown by public defender jeff adachi apparently contradicts the officers' report that their badges were visible and they had received
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permission when they entered the suspect's apartment because of the smell of marijuana. >> i'm not going to jump up and down and panic every time jeff adachi states that the sky is falling. >> the smell of marijuana in this city is not an emergency circumstance. >> reporter: dozens of other cases have been dismissed recently because of video that raises questions about the accuracy of police reports. this is just the latest case. and looking right now at video from the henry hotel in the tenderloin where officers are again accused of entering a residence without consent. now, in this case, again, the entire case was dismissed. it would have been two felony charges all based on drugs based specifically on marijuana. back to you. >> okay, anne makovec live at san francisco, anne, thank you. this morning, two home burglary suspects are in custody a third being sought after a dramatic police manhunt in hayward caught on tape. surveillance video shows the
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police car and the suspect's jeep slam into each other head on on leeward street. yesterday morning, almost immediately the suspects then take off on foot. officers comb the neighborhood after that. >> i think they were thinking they were either in our backyard or in the field behind them. >> police eventually caught two suspects on darwin street. one was hiding in a neighbor's home. police called his cell phone and he answered admitting he was the man they were looking for. 4:36. in the barry bonds perjury trial, prosecution testimony almost done with just three witnesses left. prosecutors say they will not be calling any more baseball players to the witness stand. yesterday former as slugger randy velarde testified he received performance-enhancing drugs from bonds' trainer greg anderson. velarde is one of four ballplayers tonite got steroids from anderson -- to admit he got steroids from anderson.
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bonds is charged with lying to the feds that never knowingly took steroids. the prosecution's remaining witnesses include bonds' former orthopedic surgeon dr. arthur ting, his personal shopper kathy hoskins and a drug testimony expert. time now 4737. businesses in capitola want it known that they are open despite ongoing efforts to clean up flood damage there. two flash floods in three days caused extensive damage to the coastal town. among the areas hardest hit was capitola village where one business, a coffeehouse, won't re-open right away. early damage estimates in the industry about $10 million. but that's expected to escalate as more problems are discovered. and another problem spot is pacific cove mobile home park. power there is still out and there is no sewer or water service yet, either. all 43 spaces have been red or yellow-tagged and no one is
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allowed to stay there overnight. >> your life pretty much goes in limbo for a couple of weeks until you get back in. >> engineers say a sinkhole at the park which existed before the floods is now expanding. even capitola city hall was affected by the floods as well as the fire and the police departments. and in san pablo, help can't come soon enough for residents dealing with a big landslide there. >> frustrated home owners turning out at a meeting last night. city officials say they are working with state and federal agencies to get emergency funding for repairs. the ground first started giving way last thursday. it damaged six homes on wyman street and hillcrest road. three homes are yellow-tagged. one home owner says it is a race against time to save her home. >> it could be done now, not months or weeks. it has to be done now. but no one has the funds to do it. >> some of the answers were vague, but at this point we didn't know the answers to some
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of the questions that they have. >> the city says it's still testing the stability of that hillside. it's too early to say what kind of repairs can be made if funding becomes available. and it's also not clear who is going to end up papering the bills. 4:39. to sum up weather today, two words, record heat! 80s possible 90s, lawrence, is that true? >> yeah. a lot of 80s around the bay area, maybe 90s around monterey. but locally we are dry as a bell. hi-def doppler, yup, not much to see out there because we are keeping things dry under high pressure right now. that's the way it's going to stay as this ridge -- look how dominant this ridge is, really building in across california bringing that offshore wind, even stronger for today. so yeah, here come those temperatures all right heating up. get this right now it's already 61 in san francisco. 57 in san jose. and 57 degrees in oakland. of course, that air as it
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subsides towards the coast starts to warm up. that's that offshore flow and it brings you an afternoon like this. how about 86 degrees in santa rosa, about 86 in napa, 58 san jose. you got about 84 in san francisco. you see a lot of records all around the bay area. enjoy it. we have changes coming our way as early as friday as the temperatures will start to cool off a little bit on friday. going to see more of an onshore breeze kicking in cooling down the temperatures near the coastline and inside the bay first. and then on saturday, yup, dare i say it, a slight chance of showers but back to warmer dry weather sunday and monday. let's check traffic with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. new accident just reported northbound 101. it sounds like it's close to the exit for old redwood highway. again, no real big details on this. we know that traffic is not that slow in the area and again it's going against the commute northbound 101. southbound looks okay. all right. roadwork, overnight roadwork near the 880-92 interchange should wrap up by 5 a.m.
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this is ongoing roadwork across that stretch. the san mateo bridge looks great in all lanes as you head out towards the high-rise. this is westbound 92, pretty nice commute all the way towards foster city and the peninsula. in the south bay we have a little more roadwork, as well. northbound 101 story road towards capitol expressway sounds like various lanes will be blocked until 5:00 this morning. coming out of downtown san jose, though, there's a couple of headlights northbound 280 by the 880 interchange, and you're cruising, also mass transit, bart has 14 trains all on time. bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain all on time. i mentioned this about 10 minutes ago. some roadwork now through livermore. eastbound 5 0 between airway boulevard and north livermore avenue until 6:00 this morning. various lanes blocked just in the eastbound direction. that is your traffic and your weather. back to you. >> thank you. are you ready for baseball? >> it is opening day, isn't it? >> it sure s who is take the mound for the giants. the big matchup against l.a.
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down south plus the ballplayer hospitalized after a late-night car accident last night. baseball. how one man, >> what he really wants to say is raising almost $8 million or more in the period of five weeks is unbelievable but they're doing it. time running out to save cal baseball. how one man could singlehandedly keep the team from striking out. and fans of social networking may like this. how google is trying to look more like facebook. all coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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what a day yesterday. we could use the dry weather. the mud slides in the bay area, it's been a mess and water running well above average this time 6 year as we have seen plenty of rain. now we have sunshine and record- breaking temperatures. we have 50s and 60s with an
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offshore wind. 40s in some valleys. skies mostly clear today, not much following. it's headed upwards toward the afternoon one of those spectacular days outside maybe a little hot for folks not used to these temperatures. well into the 80s inland. lots of 70s approaching the coastline. these record temperatures going to show up outside and enjoy it while we have it. they are not going to stick around for long. this is a dominant ridge. look how it's buckling that storm system well to the north of the bay area keeping us high andre. at the same time, that air subsides and sinks as it approaches coastline and as it does begins to heat up bringing us very warm temperatures. so here we go again. lots of sunshine coming our way, another day of more record- breaking temperatures all around the bay area. yeah, it's going to be spectacular wait to the coastline. look at this, 85 degrees in san jose this afternoon, 87 los gatos, 85 palo alto. at the coast, it's a great day
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to go to the beach. 73 half moon bay, 72 pacifica. east bay temperatures also looking to be spectacular. these numbers running up into the 80s, drying things out all around the bay area which is some good news. all that water continuing to seep down from the local mountains but mid-80s in the afternoon should dry things out and the north bay also expecting plenty of sunshine. how about 86 degrees in napa today? about 86 in santa rosa. and about 85 degrees in petaluma. so as we look out over the next few days, we are going to see some changes as early as tomorrow. that ridge starts to break down just a bit. still going to be warm temperatures outside but i think we'll see some cooling especially near the coastline maybe a little more fog returning at the beaches and inside the bay that sea breeze will be kicking in and by saturday, there is a chance we could see some showers here in the bay area, noticeably cooler and breezy all around the bay area for saturday. come sunday, though, high pressure builds in. temperatures start to warm up for at least a few days before the possibility of some rain as
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we head toward the middle of next week. how about a great picture for you today? this one, yeah, we have some urban turkeys. have you seen some of those guys around? yeah. they're gigantic. flying around and landing on the roof here. this coming in from roger of hayward. thanks for sending in that great picture on this beautiful day. time now to talk traffic with elizabeth. she's admiring this picture. >> what's an urban turkey exactly? >> it's a turkey that lives in urban areas. >> it doesn't have that little what do you call it? >> gobble thing on it? >> i don't know. i don't see those. maybe urban turkeys don't have one. >> city slickers. got a turkey lesson today. on the roads, an accident in petaluma still out there possibly blocking lanes northbound 101 approaching old redwood highway. southbound 101 in the commute direction looks great. in fact, no big problems out there right now. here's live look at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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all your approaches nice and quiet westbound 4, cruising through walnut creek toward the caldecott tunnel continues to move well on 24 towards orinda and oakland and no metering lights right now so no delay at the bay bridge. in the south bay a little bit of ongoing roadwork still northbound 101 between story road, all the way towards capitol expressway. various lanes blocked until 6:00 this morning actually according to caltrans. just in those northbound 101 lanes. guadalupe parkway looks great and traffic is light because it's early in the morning coming out of downtown san jose. dumbarton bridge, there's usually roadwork or there has been for the past couple of weeks on westbound 84 between the radio towers all the way towards the decline section, not the case this morning. it's not there at least according to caltrans right now. so you're looking good towards the dumbarton bridge toll plaza. san mateo bridge nice and quiet, as well. and for silicon valley valley commuters, westbound 237 you're fine here as well all the way
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towards san jose. if we look at westbound 237 traffic that's it leaving 880 so exiting milpitas speeds move fine and mass transit still off to a great start, as well. bart all trains running on time no delay into san francisco or the east bay or if you have a flight to catch at sfo, trains on time. bart, ace, muni metro and caltrain no delays. again, some lingering overnight roadwork, and actually we are starting to see a few brake lights through livermore. this is new roadwork this morning, eastbound 580 between airway boulevard and north livermore avenue. various lanes blocked towards 680. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. back to you. >> thank you. stay with us, when we come back after the break, we'll take a -- we'll talk about the giants and opening day. >> yeah. all righty. baseball. ,, ,,,,,,,,
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it's the fi the day has finally arrived. opening day for your san francisco giants. it's the first step toward defending their world series championship. giants are opening in los angeles, playing the dodgers. they will be meeting 17 times this season. tim lincecum will be taking the mound. the game starts at 5:00. barry zito out of the hospital this morning. the giants pitcher according to police in los angeles say he got into an accident in a home he owns near the hollywood hills. a witness said he was not badly injured but he went to cedars- sinai hospital to be checked out. it's not known what caused the crash but it was not his fault. he is still set to pitch sunday against the dodgers. >> looked good the other day, that's for sure. some encouraging signs for uc-berkeley's baseball team as a fundraising drive to save that program faces a deadline tomorrow. attorney stu gordon one of the driving forces behind the effort to save the team says he
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contributed a half million dollars of his own money and raised a total of $9.4 million. the university has said $10 million is needed to save the $119-year-old baseball program. -- the 119-year-old baseball program. >> reporter: are you concerned that they won't accept this $9.4 million offer, this gift? >> i'm concerned that there is a chance [ indiscernible ] at cal. >> the university decided to cut baseball and men's gymnastics as a deficit reduction move. ten american sailors recovering after an accident during a training exercise off the southern california coast. they were hurt when the engine of a fighter jet exploded on the flight deck of the a warship. four sailors are in stable condition at the naval medical center in san diego and the other six were treated on the carrier for burn injuries. the cause of the accident is under investigation. a man from pleasanton is among the latest u.s.
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servicemembers killed in action. army specialist jamison linscould go diedcog died in afghanistan. the 22-year-old's remains will arrive in delaware. a private funeral set to begin in a couple of hours for former congresswoman geraldine ferraro. she died at 75 after a long battle with cancer. ferraro was the running mate of democrat walter mondale in 1984's presidential election. the first woman to be on a major party's presidential ticket. check your refrigerator. frozen pizza from trader joe's is being recalled. the affected flavor is [ foreign language ] it contains wheat, which is an allergen that's not listed on the label. they are labeled est p974. they were produced between january and march and then helped out nationwide.
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technology is changing our eating habits. a new study finds that students are more likely to have meals while sitting at the computer than their own kitchen table. but that doesn't mean they aren't being social. researchers say they are often interacting with more people online than they would if they were sitting at their own dining room. imagine never having to worry about charging a battery again. instead, how about charging your ipod with your own heartbeat? researchers have developed a chip that generates power from a single body movement. that includes anything from a heartbeat to simply walking. the chip would generate the same voltage of two aa batteries. how soon could it be on the market? too early to tell right now. kansas city, their comes. google's ultra fast broadband network is coming. >> the mountain view search giant has chosen kansas city, kansas, as the first location for its new fiber network. google says it will be more than 100 times faster than the average connection in the u.s.
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today. the company hopes to offer it in more cities in the future. in other google news, the company has introduced a new program for its users. plus one allows users to recommend individual search results to their friends and contacts. it's similar to the like button that's popular among facebook users. google says eventually those recommendations will be used to help calculate search rankings. he is back. >> is that the best you can do? >> wait. how does he do it? >> he's baaack. arnold schwarzenegger is back in show business with a new animated television series the "governator." >> takes my entire career basically bodybuilding, action movies, the governorship, takes all those things and combines it into one and makes it into the "governator." >> well, the cartoon will focus on a superhero living a double life as a family man. the series is planned as the first stage of a franchise that could include feature films, as
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well. >> you know, doesn't he look more relaxed and happier? >> are you kidding me? >> cartoon versus running the state of california? >> i'm going to miss the way he says california. i can't even say it. but he was terrific. the winners of that $319 million mega millions jackpot will reveal themselves sometime this morning. >> what we do know is that 7 new york state workers who pooled their resources and bought the winning ticket last week in albany, the state lottery department says they will all be at a presentation this morning t claim their prize, the fifth largest in meg million dollars history. one colleague decided not to join the pool. now they are about to retire and he is sitting at work punching a time clock, no fun. time now is 4:57. we are pushing 5:00. an autistic boy missing in the east bay. the argument with his mother he had right before he disappeared. and more video proving the
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case of police misconduct here in san francisco. we're waiting for a response from the police chief this morning. we'll have the latest coming up. and hayward police are looking for a burglary suspect that was involved in a chase and a crash that was all caught on tape yesterday. it was amazing. we have the footage straight ahead. japan's nuclear crisis spreads to america's food supply. where radiation was found in milk. what officials are saying now about the met risks. -- about the health risks. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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